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Guardianship is an important part of estate planning if you want to be sure that the person of your choosing is appointed as guardian for your minor children, or for yourself if you should become mentally or physically incapacitated due to age, illness, or disability. Francois Legal Group, LLC can help you select and appoint your choice of guardian, rather than let this crucial matter fall into the hands of the courts.

With over a decade of legal experience across a range of practice areas, Prince George’s County estate planning lawyer E. Regine Francois leads our firm with intelligence, drive, and compassion. When you come to Francois Legal Group, LLC for your guardianship needs, you can rest assured that we will take the time to listen to you and understand your concerns. We will then set about taking the necessary steps to establish a guardianship that is legally sound and suits your individual needs.

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Establishing Guardianships in Upper Marlboro & the Surrounding Areas

In Maryland, guardianship may apply to a minor or disabled person (known as a “ward”) in the following ways:

  • A Guardian of the Person is appointed to make decisions pertaining to the ward’s education, living situation, health care, and other personal matters. This may include providing food and shelter and taking the ward to medical appointments, and even acting as a companion to or checking in on the ward to make sure they are doing well.
  • A Guardian of the Property is appointed to make financial decisions for the ward. This may include paying bills, managing finances, making investments, paying taxes, and generally making financial and legal decisions.

Most often, a guardianship of person and property will be sought in the same petition. A guardian has a duty to act in the best interests of the ward and should make decisions accordingly.

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