So as of today, it is T minus 30 days. You know April 15th, also known as tax day! So if you are like a lot of folks, there is the mad dash to find all the documents to file your taxes, especially those donation receipts from your 2018 spring cleaning. This is the perfect opportunity to also find the documents that are necessary for you to prepare your estate plan. Such documents include, but are not limited: deeds to property, bank statements, investment or retirement documents or other assets. As you contemplate the many ways not to give an interest free loan to the government for the next 12 months, you should also consult with a lawyer about your estate planning strategies. We can help you with tax strategies, gift strategies, and most importantly to make sure your wishes are carried out beyond this life. Let Francois Legal Group, LLC help you with your planning. We can assist you with preparing the documents, such as a will, a trust, a medical directive or a power of attorney. Such documents will have lasting instructions and memorialize your intentions.