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Protective Orders in Prince George’s County

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If you have been the victim of any type of domestic violence, you can seek help by way of a Protective Order or Peace Order. With a Protective Order or Peace Order, the respondent (the person who is accused of abuse) is prohibited from continuing abusive or threatening behavior and must stay away from and have no contact with you. Other provisions may also apply. If the respondent violates the order, this may result in his or her immediate arrest and criminal charges.

Filing a Petition for a Protective or Peace Order can be confusing, and it is important to make sure that your application is filed properly to ensure its swift and effective implementation. Prince George’s County Protective Order lawyer E. Regine Francois has extensive experience with these court orders. She worked at a domestic violence legal clinic and has represented hundreds of survivors of domestic violence. She has continued to assist victims and families in getting the protection they need. She is here for you if you are looking for experienced counsel related to a Peace Order or Protective Order anywhere in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

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About Protective Orders & Peace Orders in Maryland

Protective Orders and Peace Orders are somewhat similar in that they offer protection for victims of domestic violence. A petitioner (person that files a petition for a Peace or Protective Order) may file for such an order on his or her own behalf, on behalf of a minor, or on behalf of the petitioner and others.

Both Protective and Peace Orders may include provisions that the respondent must:

  • Refrain from any acts or threats of abuse;
  • Stay away from the petitioner’s home, workplace, or school; and
  • Have no contact with the petitioner and other protected individuals.

A Protective Order may also go a bit further, with additional provisions such as:

  • Awarding use and possession of a shared home to the petitioner;
  • Awarding temporary custody of children to the petitioner;
  • Awarding temporary financial support;
  • Requiring the surrender of any firearms by the respondent;
  • Awarding temporary custody of any pets to the petitioner; and
  • Other provisions deemed necessary for the protection of the petitioner.

If you want to learn more and find out how to apply, please contact our Prince George’s County Protective Order attorney today at (301) 329-2189.

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