Who is on your bench?

We’ve all watched sports games and wondered why so many players are sitting on the bench? We know we need our starting players. But, how many backup players does a team really need? Well, when it comes to your estate planning, the answer is usually more than one.

Here at Francois Legal Group, we help our clients draft and execute core estate planning documents, including medical directives, power of attorney, and wills. For all of these documents, we strongly advise our clients to identify alternate personal representatives for wills and alternate agents for medical directives and power of attorney.

In my practice, I’ve come across estate planning documents that were drafted prior to my firm’s involvement that provide for initial personal representatives or agents but that, for reasons unknown, do not designate alternate personal representatives or agents. This is compounded in instances where the initially designated representative or agent is unavailable to serve at the time needed. This may be due to the designated representative’s or agent’s own passing or incapacity and can unfortunately prolong the timeframe needed to administer an estate. Identifying an alternate in the planning process creates a backup in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to refocus on your estate planning. Francois Legal Group is available to counsel you in the way that best serves your and your family’s needs and to assist you in reviewing and drafting your estate planning documents.